B. Natural Apparel was created during a time when I was newly natural. In 2007, before YouTube videos, the many natural hair expos, the bloggers, and the ever changing natural hair lingo, I was just looking for a way to express the pride I had in my decision to go natural. 


I handmade a shirt that said, “Me Naturally,” as a way to show people that, no, I was not an Erykah Badu wanna be. I was not trying to emulate India Arie. Lauryn Hill is cool, but I wasn’t trying to be her either. I was just a regular girl who decided that relaxers were no longer for her. Well, people started asking where I got the shirt from. And from there, I decided that I would get a few printed to see how they’d sell.


More and more of you helped the company grow, and I decided to travel and sell at expos around the country. That’s where I met so many of you. You shared stories of your new-found freedom, as well as your frustrations with trying to learn your new head of hair. We were all in the journey together, and it was refreshing to see more and more women decide to think outside the (relaxer) box and go natural.

I am excited to now see natural hair becoming the norm. I am happy that there are sooo many natural hair products to choose from. I have loved watching this industry grow every year and seeing it create more and more entrepreneurs in our community. And, as I enter 2014, I have decided that my journey with B. Natural Apparel is complete. Many of you may not know that I am a personal trainer and registered dietitian. I started the company when I was in grad school, and have since graduated, completed an internship, relocated to Houston, and started my own personal training company, Digg Deep Fitness, at the end of 2012. As I continue to grow my new company, it has become clearer to me that I cannot divide my time between the two. I have decided to fully pursue growing Digg Deep Fitness and making a bigger impact in our community regarding health and wellness. With the black community having the highest percentage rates in obesity and many chronic diseases, my passion is to help us get healthier. 

I thought long and hard about my decision, and I feel that I am being pulled in a different direction. I thank aaaaall of you for supporting B. Natural Apparel throughout the years. I have truly enjoyed meeting you all at expos, seeing you all rocking my shirts in the streets, shipping orders to you all over the world, and watching you all “express your natural beauty.” As I close this chapter, I ask each of you to join me in my next one. Please join me on this wellness journey, and let’s work together to get in the best shape of our lives. You can keep up with my fitness movement by following Digg Deep Fitness on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Or subscribe to the newsletter here to stay up to date on blog postings and health tips.

I ask that you always remember the message behind my company. To “B. Natural” is to embrace the belief that who YOU ARE is not dependent on anyTHING or anyBODY. It is the complete freedom to be yourself and accept yourself for exactly who you are! You were made unique for a reason, so bask in your natural glory.

Always B. Natural!
Joy Diggs

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